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Advice from behind the make-up brush

By Bride and Groom 11 February 2019

Whether you are dreaming of bold lips, a bronzed look or a more natural approach there is a lot to consider when it comes to bridal beauty. Here are Bride and Groom’s top tips for planning your wedding day look.

Book it in

It does not matter how far out it is, book your make-up artist as soon as you decide on a date.

Particularly in peak wedding season, weekends can fill up quickly.

Bride and Groom recommends hiring a make-up artist who can travel to your wedding venue for a stress-free morning.

Skin care

Taking care of your skin in the lead-up to the day is the key to flawless make-up.

Healthy skin will make the make-up last, sit nicely on the skin, look better in photos and means less make-up can be used for a more natural look.

Moisturising is crucial but it is also important not to changing your skin care routine in the last few weeks before the wedding.

Do a trial

When it comes to bridal beauty, having a trial make-up session is the number one tip.

It is a great opportunity to test out ideas, especially for those who do not normally wear a lot of make-up.

Bride and Groom suggests having a trial done in the morning to see how the make-up wears over the course of the day.

It can also help cut down time and nerves on the big day.

The good and the bad

Pinterest can be both a blessing and a curse.

While photo inspiration gives the make-up artist a great idea about what a bride wants, they can also lead to unrealistic expectations.

A lot of the photos bride’s find on Pinterest are Photoshopped and simply are not attainable – no amount of make-up can make you look like Kim Kardashian.

Be yourself

It’s important a bride looks like herself on her wedding day.

It’s not the day to do anything too drastic – like trying a bold red lip for the first time.

That said, if you have your heart set on bold lipstick, test out a few different tones before deciding on ‘the one’.

Set the alarm

There is no time for a sleep-in on a wedding day.

A lot of brides are shocked to discover make-up, generally done alongside hair, often starts at about 8am, depending on the time of the ceremony.

Make-up artists usually allow 45 minutes per person and an hour for the bride, when you add all of that up it can take a good five hours.

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