Timeline for the perfect hairstyle

By Bride and Groom 15 July 2016

Three to six months to go

• Decide on your stylist. 

• Regular conditioning treatments are helpful to get your hair feeling and looking its absolute best, ask your hairdresser about the right one for you. 

• Finalise the length and colour of your hair and keep it trimmed/coloured regularly (final colour and trim two weeks before is best). 

Four to six weeks to go

• Book a trial at a convenient time, allowing one to two hours to find the ideal style (bring all ideas/pictures, veil & headgear). 

One week to go

• Do not do anything different with your hair. Use all the same products, as your hair is predictable to work with. Wash your hair one to two days before the wedding so it is clean but not too soft. The style will hold better. 

• Confirm times and room number/venue with your stylist so all details are correct. 

Wedding day

• Wear something which unbuttons and will not disturb your style. 

• Enjoy being pampered and stay calm.

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