Flawless fake tan tips

By Bride and Groom 08 July 2016

A spray tan can enhance a bride's natural assets, but if you've never had one before the idea can be fraught with thoughts of streaks, spots and orange palms. To calm your fears, Bride and Groom spoke to beautician Sarah Ransome from The Beauty Parlour in Shepparton for some tips on how to be a beautiful bronzed bride.

A MONTH PRIOR: Get a trial tan about a month before the big day. “With a trial, the bride can then decide if they want to go lighter or darker or if the colour suits their skin,” Sarah said. By booking a trial a month before, the tan will be rubbed off in time for the real deal which will avoid a patchy look. Sarah said a spray tan will look more natural if the whole bridal party is bronzed, so it was a good idea for bridesmaids to test run as well. 

A WEEK PRIOR: If you wax, get it done a week before to avoid skin irritation or shave a day or two before the appointment. Scrub the body using an exfoliating mitt and a shower gel with granules. Exfoliating removes all the dead skin cells and allows the tan to be applied more evenly. 

ON THE DAY: It’s recommended that spray tans are done a day before the wedding. “Have a shower so your skin is clean before you come in – this also means no moisturisers or deodorant,” Sarah said. “Also wear loose clothing and thongs.” 

AFTER THE APPOINTMENT: The time between the appointment and the first shower varies from tan to tan. While Sarah uses product that develops in 90 minutes, some products need up to eight hours. She said whatever tan was used; the first shower is a quick rinse with no soap. “The next day the bride can use a pH-balanced skin wash and then moisturise,” she said. “Keep up the moisturising for the whole time you have the tan.” 

Common mistakes that can break down the tan: 
• Shaving after the appointment; 
• Not using a soap-free wash; 
• Wearing shoes such as runners to the appointment; and 
• Going to the gym because sweat will cause the tan to run. 

A spray tan can last from seven to 10 days if it’s looked after. To remove a tan, simply use a tan removal mitt and scrub in the shower. If you want to extend the tan throughout the honeymoon, avoid chlorinated water because the chemicals will strip the tan.

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