Healthy eating to look and feel fantastic

By Bride and Groom 29 June 2016

You’ve got the dress, you’ve booked the venue and you’ve made all your beauty appointments in advance — but are you looking after yourself from the inside out? It’s common for brides to go on fad diets or weightloss pills for quick weight loss; however these options are often unhealthy and can make you feel awful. Fads can also leave the skin and hair looking dull. 

Goulburn Valley dietician Charlotte Livesay said it was important to adopt a healthy diet ahead of the wedding, and for life. 

“It’s never too early or too late for you to start having a healthy lifestyle with food and exercise,” Charlotte said. She encouraged brides to just eat real food. 

A diet full of nutritious wholefoods along with an active lifestyle can result in lustrous hair, glowing skin, a healthy body and more energy for you to plan your wedding. 

“Planning a wedding can be a stressful time so it’s important that you’re providing your body with enough vitamins and minerals,” Charlotte said. 

“Eat a variety of healthy foods from all the five food groups to meet your nutritional needs and eat portion-controlled regular meals.” 

Charlotte said people were often surprised at how easy it was to live well and feel great. “It’s a lot simpler than people expect — especially for people who are confused by all the latest fad diets,” she said. 

Most vegetables, legumes/beans and fruit are low in energy (kilojoules) relative to many other foods, and can help fill you up while avoiding excessive weight gain. 

According to the national guidelines, a woman with a waist of 80 cm or less is considered to be in the healthy weight range. 

If a woman is eating plenty of wholefoods, it will be easier to limit take-away food, alcohol and salt, which can cause puffiness and bloating in some people. 

“Processed foods and alcohol are not taboo but they should only be consumed in small amounts,” Charlotte said. And she has one last piece of advice: “Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water.”

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