Prepare your skin for the big day

By Bride and Groom 21 June 2016

Preparations for every facet of the big day start well before the walk down the aisle. Healthy skin provides the perfect canvas for a make-up artist, so preparatory work needs to be undertaken before the wedding. To achieve a healthy glow, skincare regimes should begin about six months prior to the wedding. “Have a consultation and purchase good skincare products to suit your skin type,” beautician Sarah Ransome said. 

The Beauty Parlour employee recommends scheduling a monthly facial, starting six months before the wedding. She also suggests purchasing some at-home facial masks, as advised by a beautician, to apply once a week and maintain in between facial treatments. “(Multiple treatments) allows time for the skin to improve and settle. If you have a facial too late, you won’t notice as much improvement,” Sarah said. Keeping lips hydrated regularly is also important. “I notice a lot of brides, when they come in for their wedding make up, that their lips are very dry and the lipstick doesn’t look as good,” Sarah said. Brides are also cautioned against using waterproof mascara too close to the big day because it is difficult to remove and can leave blackness under the eye. 

Ms Ransome suggested applying a calming night cream after cleaning the skin. “It helps to calm the skin and keep it looking refreshed.” 

Sarah’s tips for best skincare before the big day: 
• Clean skin well in the morning and the evening 
• Remove all make-up properly before bed 
• Stay out of the sun as much as possible and use sunscreen to protect skin 
• Exfoliate 2–3 times a week to keep dirt out of your pores 
• Regularly apply a moisturising lip balm 
• Avoid changing make-up or skincare products 2-3 weeks before the day 
• Wear a primer underneath your make-up to avoid clogging pores 
• Drink lots of water during the day 
• Follow a healthy diet 
• Avoid sugary, salty and greasy foods

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